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Joshua Light Show is a collaborative group of artists who create abstract visuals live during music concerts.  Alyson Denny has been a member of the group since 2008.  Below is a selection of performance documentation.


NYU Skirball Center, NYC, 2014


The Bad Plus playing Ornette Coleman's Science Fiction

©Michelle V. Agins/New York Times



©Stan Schnier


River to River Festival, NYC, 2013

So Percussion

©Mark Hallett

NYU Skirball Center, NYC, 2012

Terry Riley and Gyan Riley

©Greg Kessler


Evelyn Glennie and Zeena Parkins

©Greg Kessler


Denny spinning some oil

©Greg Kessler


Bill Laswell, Milford Graves, John Zorn, Lou Reed

©Greg Kessler


MGMT's Andrew VanWyngarden & Ben Goldwasser

©andrewvanwyngardenarms tumblr


MGMT's Andrew VanWyngarden & Ben Goldwasser.  This is a long clip.  There's a particularly nice section starting about 20 minutes in.

©Donald Higgins


Transmediale, Berlin, 2012

Die Zeit video backstage during the opening night performance.  (You can click this link if the video does not appear above.)

©Die Zeit


Oneohtrix Point Never (Dan Lopatin)

©Ania Domanska/transmediale


Supersilent with Stian Westerhus

©Lindner Genz/transmediale


Post-performance audience inspection of the Joshua Light Show



Fulldome, Hayden Planetarium, NYC, 2011

Performance at the Hayden Planetarium

©Stan Schnier


Behind the scenes of Joshua Light Show performing Fulldome

©Bec Stupak


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