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About the Six-Circle Variations . . .


"These works are steeped in the pleasure of intuitive, hands on image-making." — The New York Times

About the Horizontal Lines Series . . .


"...[Alyson Denny's] abstract Horizontal Line Series C-prints swim with pure color." — The New Yorker

About the Seaweed Pictures . . .


"The seaweed images are vibrantly hued in deep reds, ochers, blues, and gold." — The East Hampton Star

About the Jellyfish Pictures . . .


" and strange.  The jellyfish refract light in mercury-like blobs and crystalline shards." — The East Hampton Star


About Half & Half & Honey . . .


"Denny manipulates the colors to produce a revolving display of peculiar shapes, sizes and compositions that incite an abstract type of thinking." — BostInno 


About the Joshua Light Show . . .


"The Most Psychedelic Light Show of All Time."  Rolling Stone


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